Entry Requirements
Admittance to any Institute for CAM Studies / Akamai University degree program is based upon an assumption that you have the background (attributes and resources) to achieve the goals and objectives of your selected program. To assure a high likelihood for your success in the desired program, we have established a number of entry requirements to guide the Admission Office in the review of your application materials.

Program Prerequisites
The University requires that you to have completed the appropriate preparatory degree (or coursework / training) and specific subject matter competencies / background prior to enrollment. These foundational competencies assure the University that you have the necessary understandings, skills and competencies for successful completion of your studies. Your degree program will also have professional prerequisites requiring a minimum number of years of progressively more responsible career experience (or specific licensing). These professional requirements assure the University you are able to approach the subject matter in a mature manner and effectively apply new learning within real world settings. You must demonstrate you have completed these foundational elements by submission of official college transcripts (or other documentation) for Office of Admission review.