The following chart includes the minimum tuition applicable for all CAM Institute students entering Akamai programs. In addition to a $100 Admission Fee, tuition is payable directly to the CAM Institute.

Degree Level Minimum
Certificate CAM 12 $3,600
CAM Clinician Diploma 9 $2,700
CAM Practitioner Diploma 12 $3,600
CAM Specialist Diploma 18 $5,400
Bachelor of Science Final Year 30 $9,000
Bachelor of Science Final Two Year 60 $18,000
Master of Science 40 $12,000
Doctor of Philosophy 52 $15,600

Should other classes or credits need to be completed at the CAM Institute in order to satisfy the minimum degree requirements or necessary prerequisites, the student tuition will be increased at the rate of $300 per additional credit.