Preliminary Review

Preliminary Academic Portfolio Review
Students are permitted an initial brief interview regarding their interest in entering the Institute at no charge. However, once it is established the student is interested, there is opportunity to conduct a background review with the Dean of Institute for CAM Studies to assist them with the selection of the most effective and appropriate program for enrollment. It is the position of the University and the Institute that students pay to the Institute a small non-refundable $100 fee prior to application, as a transcript and portfolio review fee to allow the determination of the correct program for enrollment and to identify completeness of prerequisites to be added to the desired program. This spiritually guided process, may also be a time for Institute for CAM Studies Dean or deputy director to identify the student’s research topic and methodology and to prepare a preliminary study plan and timeline for enrollment.

This review may be videotaped to support the candidate under consideration to have a clear path of possibilities for what the options are as this is a spiritually guided process rather than an intellectually verbal traditional interview. If the student does not want this analysis done the step may be skipped and move to the formal review that includes only college transcripts and letter of intent review.