First Steps
Prior to making contact, it is important that you thoroughly review our web site, especially related to your academic interests and requirements for study. You should also carefully review the requirements for admission and send your questions and concerns by email to the Office of Admissions. Prior to completing your application, you may wish to make at least one contact with senior faculty to determine the fitness of your desired area of study. The Office of Admission can help you make an appropriate contact.

Office of Admissions
Institute for CAM Studies
3211 Gibson Road, Durham, NC 27703
Tel: 1 (919) 381-4198
Fax: 1 (919) 381-4198

Entry Requirements
Admittance to any Institute for CAM Studies / Akamai University degree program is based upon an assumption that you have the background (attributes and resources) to achieve the goals and objectives of your selected program. To assure a high likelihood for your success in the desired program, we have established a number of entry requirements to guide the Admission Office in the review of your application materials.

Program Prerequisites
The University requires that you to have completed the appropriate preparatory degree (or coursework / training) and specific subject matter competencies / background prior to enrollment. These foundational competencies assure the University that you have the necessary understandings, skills and competencies for successful completion of your studies. Your degree program will also have professional prerequisites requiring a minimum number of years of progressively more responsible career experience (or specific licensing). These professional requirements assure the University you are able to approach the subject matter in a mature manner and effectively apply new learning within real world settings. You must demonstrate you have completed these foundational elements by submission of official college transcripts (or other documentation) for Office of Admission review.

Further Admission Requirements
Given the fully external nature of our degrees, it is essential that you demonstrate access to the appropriate local and online libraries, learning resources and field study facilities. You must provide English language translations of all documents and, if necessary, a recognized educational credential evaluation of international academic credits earned. As part of the admission process, you must initiate at least one telephone, Skype or email contact with an Institute for CAM Studies and if needed Akamai administrator or senior faculty member in your desired field of study at no charge. The following additional requirements help the Admission Committee better understand your potential for success in the desired program, of study.

English Language Competencies
As an applicant, you must clearly demonstrate proficiency in written and verbal English language communication skills according to American collegiate standards. If you are an international student with English as a second language, you should submit samples of your best written work (English) or submit a record of a recent TOEFL examination with a 550 score or above. In some instances, exceptions may be made to this requirement if sufficient faculty in the desired language are available to help teach and evaluate the student’s competencies.

Access to Learning Resources
You must provide assurance that you can successfully access required learning resources including texts, journals, periodicals, databases, video- and audiotapes, online resources, relevant reference materials, and manuals of effective research and writing.

Access to Outside Resources
You must demonstrate you have access to essential external resources that provide avenues for practical application of learning such as field study sites with essential facilities, equipment and qualified personnel. You are also expected to identify enrichment activities that supplement your program such as seminars, conferences, workshops and retreats and membership in professional associations and societies.

Access to Educational Technology
You must verify that you have access to a computer, email and Internet and other necessary means of communication for the duration of your program, such as telephone and fax. No student is admitted without such assurance.