About CAM

Complementary and Alternative Medicine Programs

To meet the challenges of our global healthcare needs, a multitude of issues concerning efficiency and economic imperative, public demand and satisfaction, safety and efficacy, access and ethics need to be addressed. Humanitarian and socio-cultural interest are driving changes of attitude and action in both our healthcare consumers and the conventional and politically dominant medical and healthcare systems through which they navigate. These changes demand reflective educational programs to provide leadership for the leaders of the future to meet these worldwide challenges.

Complementary Medicine which includes traditional health systems both ancient and modern are key resources to address these challenges; from the East to West and ranging from herbal medical practices to energy medicine, homeopathy, body-work and manipulative therapies; mind-body practices, environmental healing modalities, and beyond.

Thriving, maintaining, and achieving a healthy, joyful and empowered life are foremost priorities for the survival of the human condition worldwide. Each of us is unique and to achieve these goals in our personal lives has different parameters. Everyone can benefit from CAM, but some need more help from outside of their immediate situation to reach their full potential. Solutions are not only in the power of the individual but are shaped by the culture, societal norms, economics, ecology and the human condition one is born into, as well as broader societal, world and planet survival issues. We are all ONE, interconnected.

The goal of the CAM program is to be on the forefront of solutions, based on an integrated approach that incorporates broad social, economic consideration that affect our survival as well as our expanded full expression of health. The world has changed and we must change with it to incorporate solutions that move beyond science, ones that engage the arts, cultural perspectives, economics, technology and world peace.

Health, healing, well-being, happiness, empowerment, getting along, and thriving not just surviving is the goal of the CAM program. We use an integrative model that incorporates body, emotion, mind and spiritual perspectives in the individual, in the family, in the society, and in the world community. Through education, research and community service, the CAM program is dedicated to walk with the people, in the settings they live and work, in as well as be immersed in their cultural heritage to achieve health.

How and if global issues are addressed, affects individual health and healing. What happens to the individual, the family, the nation, the world, the planet affects each and every one of us. Therefore, approaching the interdependency of all at the microscopic or macroscopic levels makes sense. The diversity which incorporates and honors cultural perspectives contributes to an enriched environment that expands our ability to grow and become all we can be. After all, isn’t that what life and living is all about – reaching our full potential and contributing to the health and well-being of all?

Welcome to CAM approach!